Pesticides in California

About This Course

This course meets the training requirements of both the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and Cal/OSHA. This is a mandatory training course if you handle, mix, load, apply, clean, and transport pesticides. This course is mandatory for all cannabis farm employees.

California regulations require that all pesticide handlers receive annual safety training from their employers and/or by a Certified Private Applicator. Safetybygeorge is a Certified Private Applicator and possesses a Department of Pesticide Regulation permit.

Completion of the Hazard Communication course is a mandatory part of this course. The student will learn about how to read pesticide labels and safety data sheets, proper labeling, personal protective equipment and emergency measures for exposure, and medical emergencies.

Note: Since this course cannot specifically discuss the actual pesticides you may be working with, your employer must familiarize you with them.